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Guidelines for Selling your House to an Online Investor without a Realtor


It is everyone's wish to minimize logistical costs when it comes to selling your house.  It is for this reason that most home owners will look for options to quickly sell their property without a realtor.  In addition to that, many house buyers like dealing with the house owners when buying a house so as to get first-hand information without involving an agent.


At the same time, both the house seller and the buyer will save on the agent's commission which can be a substantial amount of money.  Avoiding intermediaries will make the transaction easier especially when it comes to communication since the buyer and seller communicate on a one to one basis.  However, it is your duty to ensure that you are familiar with the whole process of selling a house.  The following are guidelines for selling your house without a realtor. Know about selling your property as is without listing here!


First and foremost, it is important to establish the current market value of your house.  In most cases, the location of the property is the first determining factor of the house value.  Here; it is always good to involve experts in that field to visit your property and do a valuation for the piece of land itself, the buildings, perimeter walls and any other valuable asset inside your property.  Be keen not to overvalue or undervalue your property.  However, if you need to make a quick sale, you may be required to sell it at a lower price than the current market rate to attract more buyers. Know the option to quickly sell my property without realtor here!


Secondly, you should be conversant with the legal requirements for selling the house.  To achieve this, be educated about the process of selling a house from start to close of the deal.  All paperwork must be properly done and filed with the land office to legalize the sale.  On the other hand, you may decide to involve a skilled attorney to do the paperwork for you, as it could be a long and lengthy process especially if you don't know about your legal obligations as a house seller. To read more on the importance of knowing how to sell your house faster without the help of a realtor, check out


Security is another important factor when it comes to selling a house.  After advertising, many people will show up to view the property, and you may not be able to differentiate a serious buyer from a criminal.  It is always advisable to first meet with the potential buyers in a public place away from your home to see and talk to them to find out more about them.  Once you decide to take them to view the property, involve a friend or someone close but avoid being alone with the buyer and lastly keep your valuable items away from their sight.